Dangerous Goods

See below for the products and substances which are potentially dangerous
and MUST NOT be included in your baggage.



You must not take the following items on board an aircraft or pack them in your checked baggage:

Explosives: Fireworks flares toy gun caps

Compressed gases: Gas cylinders, aerosols (other than medicines/toiletries for travel

Flammable substance: Lighter fuel paints thinners, fire lighters, cigarette lighters containing unabsorbed lighter fuel

Oxidizers: Some bleaching powder acids chemicals

Organic peroxides: Hair or textile dyes fiberglass repair kits certain adhesives

Poisons: Arsenic cyanide weed killers

Irritating materials: Tear gas devices such as mace, pepper sprays

Infectious substances: Biological products and/or diagnostic specimens containing pathogens

Radioactive materials: Medical or research samples which contain radioactive sources

Corrosives: Acids, alkalis,wet-cell batteries caustic soda mercury

Magnetized materials: Magnetrons, instruments containing strong magnets.

Most of these goods can be shipped as cargo if properly packed and declared. Contact us for further information.