Shopping in Bali

Bali shopping tips


Shopping in Bali is a bargaining affair, with a treasure trove of trinkets, souvenirs and Balinese bargains to be found, from departments stores to markets, it makes for a truly unique shopping experience – just be sure to go with an empty suitcase.

If shopping is your thing, there is a great number of bargains to be found. From high-end shops sporting their latest wares to bustling markets brimming with handmade curios and upscale boutiques for designer ensembles made from the finest fabric.

Great bargains can be found in the villages and markets where real Balinese wares can be sampled and savoured. Bargaining is the “order of the day”, so be sure to get down and dirty when it comes to prices – that’s the Bali way.
Avoid purchasing on the day you arrive, peruse the markets and listen to skilful travellers negotiate their way to the best prices they deem fit. Balinese are experts and have a knack to persist – even if you’ve said “no thank you” you are expressing an interest.

Keep a pocket calculator handy and know your price. Start with your open bid moving up to your desired price. Remember it is considered very rude to enter into a bid with no intention of buying. If the shopkeeper accepts your lower bid, you are bound to proceed with the sale.

Department stores are a good place to start if you are a little nervous of the bidding crowds. The prices are fixed and bargaining is not allowed and you can enjoy excellent Bali-based fashions that the markets don’t provide.

South Bali offers the busiest shopping in Bali and not from the beach, with Discovery Shopping Malls in Tuban and the new Beachwalk mall in close proximity. Where you shop depends entirely on your budget – from department stores-, markets-, upscale malls-, and luxury boutiques to inexpensive outlets - your choices are endless.

Shopping in Bali is a truly eclectic affair with Balinese bargains at your fingertips, just remember to take your empty suitcase and Exportair Bali will do the rest.

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