Cargo Bali to Australia

Cargo from Bali to Australia with Exportair Bali

Exportair Bali caters for overseas travellers with excess baggage. We offer shipping from Bali to Australia for anything that’s just too big to fit in your check-in luggage.

Bali is a popular tourist destination, a souvenir mecca and idyllic watersports playground. When planning a trip to Bali, it would be advisable to consider excess baggage for all your Bali souvenirs that are too big to fit in your check-in luggage.

If you are a surfer, windsurfer or a diver travelling to Bali, avoid the hefty costs associated with excess baggage at the airport. Send your sporting goods excess baggage with Exportair Bali. We guarantee a secure and safe shipping and we can even collect and ship directly to your door.

Bali presents many opportunities for buyers from other countries to import Balinese products. Whether you are importing a box or a container, our importing and exporting services can get your goods to anywhere in Australia for 60% cheaper than our competitors.

Our hassle-free services work on a fixed price and weight for goods weighing up to 30kg
door-to-door, any additional weight is charged per kg. For your added convenience we can deliver any packing materials you may need directly to your hotel - whether you need boxes, tape or bubble wrap - we deliver it for free, including a free pick up from your hotel or villa for all your excess baggage needs.

Shipping from Bali to Australia has never been this easy, our shipping service is ideal for:

  • Gifts
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Souvenirs
  • Bags
  • Bedding
  • Sports gear
  • DVDs and CDs (personal use only)
  • Beachwear
  • Newlyweds returning with wedding gifts

Now you can shop until you drop without worrying about excess baggage charges. We can even ship larger items such as statues, garden ornaments and furniture, and collect directly from the vendor including packing, crating and fumigation according to Australian Customs and AQIS import requirements.

Exportair Bali is your Cargo expert from Bali to Australia - for all your importing, exporting, shopping, excess baggage, sporting equipment and personal effects.

Cargo from Bali to Australia with Exportair Bali. contact us today to discuss your requirements.