Exporting Personal Effects & Cargo From Bali to Denmark

Understanding the rules:
Personal belongings may be imported duty-and VAT-free, If: the owner has resided in a country outside the EU for a continuous period of at least 12 months and has owned and used the property is at least 6 months before moving to Denmark.
Personal belongings must be imported within 12 months after moving to Denmark and earliest 6 months before.
The owner must prove to have lived outside the EU.
The same rules also apply to private motor vehicles. Evidence must be given by a registration certificate.
The personal belongings cannot be sold, mortgaged or leased in the first 12 months after importation. if there are new things among the belongings the owner must pay duty and VAT on those.
The shipment may not contain tobacco, perfumes, alcohol or other articles that are either restricted on high taxed.

The short version: Away more than 12 months and stuff must be used and older than six months.

Best way to enforce this is to prepare an itemized packing list, add a declaration that the items were acquired earlier than 6 months. a short statement of why you are moveing to Denmark.

Best is if to don’t ship – goods under 6 month old, as it will complicate the clearance scenario.

Advise to bring those items as luggage on their flight home, because then there is a duty free allowance of DKK 3250 (USD 580) per passengers for new items.

Pack the new goods and take them on the plan with you and send your old used clothing etc as Unaccompanied Baggage

Want to bring back something bigger?
Exportair -Bali can pick-up your statue, garden ornament, furniture ... from the vendor, then pack, crate and fumigate to comply with Customs & import requirements.
Larger items would be best to sent by Ocean Freight , for quotations email: bali@exportairbali.com

Packing material
We can have boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape delivered to your Hotel, Villa or Resort on request.

Please plan ahead
It is essential that you contact us well in advance to your departure date from Bali as special documentation is required and specific information applies for most destinations.

This service is based on minimum 45kg (which means the whether you send 1 or 45kg you will still pay for 45kgs) and per /kg there after , no restrictions on number of items.
However cargo will be charged on actual weight or volumetric weight which ever is the greater

Cost / service

We pick up your Luggage from your Hotel/Villa or Resort reception have mobile visa/mastercard service


Information is a general guide only; cargo is subject to customs judgements and discretions




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