Bali – Purchasing Items in Paradise

Many People travelling to Bali are often ill prepared for that,

“ I Must have That or That would  look Amazing  in my garden feeling”


“Buyer Beware”

There the many hidden cost associated Sea and Air freight, There are many stories  of  
“if I  had only known , I would'nt have bought it !!!!

There are hundreds of freight forwarders in Bali , Many have good intent and provide a good service , however they are not responsible for destination fees nor are they obliged to inform  the unsuspecting traveller/purchaser  of the impending destination charges.

In most cases the freight is arranged by the Shop owner or the manufacture and the buyer may  not be privy to the arrangement , the cargo just arrives at the destination:

The  first  thing the unsuspecting purchaser will know that cargo arrived.-- ,is they will be  contacted by the airline or shipping company: to say it has arrived
The excitement is very quickly quelled  -- when they are notified of the  Port charges or international terminal fess 
followed by ,
you need this paper work , ( usually still in Bali – and will need to express Couriered at additional cost) storage fees will be charge  at the container Deport in one week , (approx  $100.00 +GST  a week Min depending on the container depot )
you need to go to customs , ( processing can take 24  to 48 hours – so allow  at least two trips to the Airport ) taxes & duty if Value of the cargo is  over AUD $1000.0 and additional customs clearance charges apply
then Australian Quarantine (AQIS) ( usually  Processing and inspection  booking can be made  within 24 /48 hour if you have all the correct paper work)

The Process is quite laborious and extremely time consuming and certainly not something you can just do in your lunch hour, some people take the day off work and still don’t achieve any progress at all. Leaving them very frustrated and the poorer  for their it , which certainly takes the shine of your new purchased item .

Knowing the process is half the battle, knowing the cost is the other.

Usually a quick phone call prior to flying  to Bali  or  prior to purchasing the Item  can give you  can indication of the overall cost , most cases it is more cost efficient to have an agent handle the cargo on your behalf .